💙 Brotherhood 💙

17th January 2020



It’s true that you don’t actually realise how awesome it is to be a member of the “all boys / girls mama” club until you’re actually in it. I always said I love the idea of having 2 boys and what that means for them growing up together. I always thought that would be something so special, to have two little Princes. Well seeing my two Princes together today just confirmed for me that I was always meant to be a boy mama!

People often told me how they thought Otis “will be the best big brother” and my response was always “I hope so”. Because to me, the thought of my baby being promoted to big brother was hard to swallow. He’s been the absolute centre of our worlds for almost 3 years and I’ll be honest and admit I was anxious he wouldn’t respond well to the change. Well it turns out that I was very wrong, Otis is just as smitten with Eddison as we are! When he came to the hospital today he straight away for excited when he saw the baby in the cot and pointed him out to us all. He showered him with kisses and wanted to hold him and give him cuddles too.

Bringing Eddison home this evening was always going to be interesting because now he’s in “Otis’ territory”. Is Otis fazed by his presence?……… not at all! In fact he’s excited to have Eddison around and even the smallest things gets him hyped up, like when he saw Eddison open his eyes for the first time and he then spent 5 minutes telling us all that Eddison has eyes! 😂 Eddison made a noise when in his Moses basket and Otis went straight over to check on him before playing with his new toy!

I can’t even express how excited I am to see what the future hold for these two new besties 💙💙


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