21st October 2019



I was lucky enough to be selected as a panel team member for the @lansinohfamily hospital bag campaign. This means I get to talk to you guys about their amazing breastfeeding products: nipple cream, disposable nursing pads, breast milk collector and breastfeeding pillow.

Most of you already know that I breastfed Otis for 26 months until he suddenly self-weaned as a result of my pregnancy. Because of this I am very keen to breastfeed Littlest Pea too. I feel confident we will have an equally long journey with the support of these fab products!

💜HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream:

This has been developed to soothe and protect sore and cracked nipples of breastfeeding mothers around the world! It was an absolute Godsend for me whilst breastfeeding, especially at the start. Top tip: it also makes a cheesy lip balm!

#savingnipplessince1984 .

💜Disposable Nursing Pads:

These breast pads are super absorbent with polymer that draws and locks milk leakage into the core of the pad, but still holds its shape, even with a heavy flow! They have 2 sticky tape strips so they don’t move whilst being worn and are discreet with their naturally contoured design.

💜Breastmilk collector:

This pump creates a natural suction to catch leaking milk whilst breastfeeding or pumping from the other breast. Perfect for ensuring your little one can enjoy every last drop and it’s not wasted!

💜Breastfeeding pillow:

This pillow is comfortable, portable and helps support proper breastfeeding positioning. It slides onto the arm rather than around the waist like most pillows which makes it perfect for c-section tummies and it means one size fits all! It allows the mum to naturally bring the baby to the breast instead of leaning over. Plus it has an adorable star design!

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