14th February 2020



Love is……

…finding my own happiness in your happiness.

… wanting to treasure and capture every moment with you.

… letting you dominate the topic of every adult conversation I have, even if it means talking about poop!

… feeling like I want a break, but as soon as I leave the room I miss you.

… being so proud of your every achievement, no matter how small.

… knowing I would give you my everything in a heartbeat.

… breaking my heart over you growing out of yet another size of clothing.

… wanting to show off photos of you to everyone, even someone I meet on a train.

… beating myself up if you fall and I don’t manage to catch you in time.

… holding you in the warmest cuddles and never wanting the moment to end.

… planning my whole social life around what activities you would enjoy.

…. YOU. That’s what love is…. you!

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