Sweet as can BEE 🐝

Latelita rose gold bee bracelet

You may have noticed that recently bees feature a lot in jewellery. My favourite collection that I have seen is the one at www.latelita.com. Their range includes gold, silver and rose gold products in a variety of stud earring, pearls, drop earrings, necklaces, bracelets…. so many beautiful bees!

However as well as being a beautiful feature in jewellery, the bee is symbolic and has many representations when worn. Did you know this? Here are some details of the symbolism behind bee jewellery below:

  1. Loyalty – Bees are extremely loyal creatures who will even sacrifice their lives for their Queen and hive. This selflessness and protective nature of the bee is what makes them symbolic of being loyal. For this reason bee jewellery is a meaningful gift of loyalty for a partner.
  2. Determination – Bees are persistent creatures that work hard and never give up on their mission, no matter how many times they are shooed away. It is this characteristic of persistence, tenacity and determination that makes bee jewellery a lovely gift to a colleague who has been working hard, or a gift for a graduate who has completed a degree.
  3. Peace and Harmony – Bees are team players and work in harmony in their swarms to reach their goals. They don’t compete against each other with jealousy, but rather work together peacefully. For this reason bee jewellery is often representative of this peace and often fondly given as a gift of friendship.
  4. Ambition – According to all known laws of aviation, the bee does something impossible every day. It’s little wings should be too small to get it’s large body off the ground….. but it does it anyway! This notion of “doing the impossible” is what inspires a love for bees amongst many people and why they can represent ambition.

As above, jewellery featuring bees is not only a beautiful gift, but it’s a symbolic and meaningful gesture too. 

So, if you are a jewellery lover, a bee lover and also love what they symbolise, I thoroughly recommend heading over to www.latelita.com to check out their collection! Their products come beautifully gift wrapped too so would make a special present for a loved one to receive in the post. But my advice is treat yourself! You absolutely deserve it after the last few months and it will serve as a lovely reminder of your strength during lockdown and moving forward from this chapter in your life!

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