22 weeks pregnant

3rd September 2019


*22 weeks pregnant**

Today I am 22 weeks pregnant. After the initial relief of the 20 week scan, the anxiety is starting to creep in again. I’m feeling lost without anymore scheduled scans for the rest of this pregnancy and thinking about booking private.

I’m feeling really good generally though. Although tired, I can actually make it through the days without a compulsory nap now. Movements are frequent and never feel less magical. Heartburn and acid reflux is getting really bad and gavsicon bottles are dotted around the house to help settle that! I’m not sleeping well, just very restless and up early every day, but watching plenty of Netflix films in peace.

We are currently down for a home birth so I am starting to focus on getting the house ready, organised and decluttered!

Otis has started showing more interest in bump this week and says “hello” and waves at baby as well as stroking my bump. I’m longing for the day he can feel the kicks himself and bond even more with this journey.

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