29 weeks pregnant

22nd October 2019


29 weeks pregnant today!

Hello 3rd Trimester! 👋🏼

Dear Littlest Pea,

So we have made it to Dubai. Ok must admit that at times during the flight, I did worry about how that could be one of the worst places to go into labour. It feels weird being here knowing that this is our last family holiday without you. I know that you are kind of here with us anyway, but I keep thinking about from here on Otis will always have you to play with instead of just me and Daddy and I imagine you being best friends. I can’t wait for those holidays too, they will be extra special with both of you to share the memories with.

You are drawing a lot of attention at the moment, especially at the airport! I guess it’s kind of uncommon to see such a bump going on a plane. To be honest I don’t think I’ve seen many pregnant mummies-to-be on our holidays before either. I can’t wait until you’re here so we can start sharing these experiences with you too. Although I think I can manage waiting for the next 11 weeks so please do hang on in there until due date!

Love you,

Mummy x

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