Beans & Sparks

4th November 2019



Otis has always loved books so I was really excited to receive this book from @beansandsparks to review as a surprise. It was included in the goody bag we received from @mummymeetsuk When we met for a press trip at The Baby Show.

The story we were gifted is called “I’m a mighty moose” and focuses on the theme of creativity. It uses alliteration to engage young children and every page has a double-page illustration to draw their attention. I think it’s so lovely that the book is personalised so that one of the main characters not only looks like Otis, but has his name too. When he’s a bit bigger I’m sure he will think this is really special and spark his imagination even more. The text is written in different fonts, sizes and colours and includes sound effects to go along with the story. Otis enjoyed repeating this sounds after me and sometimes did actions to match.

This morning Otis really enjoyed looking through the book and pointing out things like the spider, mouse, bike and fireworks. I read the book to him for a little bit myself, but then he wanted to take the book and pretend to read it to his soft toy instead. At the end of the book there is a shadow puppet game/task for Otis to do that is encouraged throughout the book. I think it’s a great way of encouraging parents to use books to inspire play too instead of just using them for story time.

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