Bunny & Buds

9th January 2020



The last couple of months I’ve really started to notice how a reward system can have a big impact on a toddler. As a teacher, I’ve always had some sort of reward system to adhere to, but they’ve been aimed at teenagers. I tried a sticker chart with Otis for potty training, but the novelty of that wore off after two weeks.

However we were very kindly gifted this gorgeous rainbow reward system from @_bunnyandbuds_ and Otis seems to never bore of it! He likes to use it as a puzzle so enjoys playing with it too and putting the stars in, which is a nice way of discussing colours together.

This morning we used it as a reward for tidying the playroom. He put a book away: he got to put a star in! He put the balls back in the ball pit: he got to put another star in! It works really well so I think we will have to start using this as our potty training reward system too!

Honestly, I don’t recommend anything that I don’t believe in myself, but this really does work! It’s great to see Otis taking responsibility by tidying up after himself and being excited about it too because of the stars. 

@_bunnyandbuds_ are about to launch a whole range of these personalised products and they’re gorgeous! They come in all shapes and sizes and you can even get a discount with the code OTIS10.

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