Bunny & Buds

29th November 2019



I have recently been talking to Otis about Santa frequently to try and help him understand Christmas a bit more and what will happen. He’s at an age now where he’s starting to get it!

I got him more involved today by practicing doing our tray that we will leave out for Santa. It’s a good job this was a practice run because Otis didn’t quite understand he had to leave the items on the tray for someone else 🙈 (swipe to see).

I am absolutely in love with our personalised Santa board from @_bunnyandbuds_.  I much prefer this wooden version compared to all the plastic and fragile china ones that are around. Not only because it’s personalised for an extra special sentiment, but also because of the beautiful natural wood grain 😍 we are huge fans of wooden items and toys in our house and I’m always in awe of its natural beauty. And I gave it a good sniff when I opened it too because I’m weird and love the smell of wood 🙊. Oh and it’s much less likely to break when packed away in storage too!

You can order yours directly from @_bunnyandbuds_ and quote the code Otis10 for a discount too. Order now so that it arrives in plenty of time for Christmas!! 🥛🍪

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