6th October 2019



I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that when I’m pregnant, I feel more vulnerable. I have anxieties and insecurities I don’t usually have to battle with and to top that off, the vivid dreams and nightmares that can come with pregnancy can be quite terrifying.

Because of this, I was so grateful to @ctronics_tech for helping me relieve my anxiety by gifting us this fab WIFI security camera as part of a collaboration. We have a very long drive that ends with an electric gate. From our house we are unable to see the gate and sometimes that can create feelings of insecurity. Thankfully now those feelings are gone!

This fantastic little camera was so easy to install. It is powered and charged by solar energy as well as USB cable and so we didn’t have to faff about with wires etc. It is equipped with various features that make us feel safe at home, including:

*HD video recording in full colour

*audio and intercom system

*130 degrees wide angle lens

*motion detection

*automatic night vision

*PIR sensor

and it’s also waterproof!

Live streaming can be accessed from an app on our phones which means we are able to check on our home when we are out for the day or away on holiday too.

I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone looking for a bit of extra home security

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