GoStock toys

26th August 2019


Who else has a “DIGGER!” obsessed toddler?? 🙈 honestly Otis gets so excited if we drive past one! That’s how I knew Otis would love this amazing set that was very kindly #gifted to him by @gostock_toys 💛

He was in his element today as he played in the sandpit at our local country park. He enjoyed pushing them about in the sand and also making them dig for sand and then emptying them into his bucket. Each vehicle has different parts that move so he can interact with them and don’t worry Mums, the vehicles each have the different names on them too; bulldozer, Road roller, forklift, excavator, cement mixer and dump truck!

Due to the bits that move they are great for teaching Otis about the different roles each vehicle plays and he can learn which ones lift, haul and move things. Due to the small size they are great for small hands and helping Otis to practice his fine motor skills too. I would definitely recommend these to any child with a passion for construction vehicles!

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