Let’s talk to Mummy’s tummy

9th September 2019


**Let’s talk to Mummy’s tummy**

#collab We are to excited to be able to review this new book from @helenlacey_author 💙 I was blown away when it first arrived and I had a quick peak, it’s just wonderful. It’s written entirely at the level which is easy for young children to understand.

Otis and I read some of the book together last night and he enjoyed putting in some of the stickers too. As a mother expecting my second baby, I have been anxious about how Otis will take to his new role of Big Brother and and how to get him to engage with the pregnancy journey more. This book is a lifeline. It asks Otis a lot of questions; not just about the baby, but about himself now and as a baby too. This is fantastic because he is then able to relate to the pregnancy more. We used his old scan and newborn photos as well as the scan photos of the baby as we read along and he was able to understand and talk about the similarities and recognise body parts of the baby. The book gave Otis little tasks to do such as giving mummy’s tummy a hug, sing to the baby and also wiggling eyebrows and making a funny face like the baby now can!

The book focuses on each week from weeks 12 onwards and talks about the baby’s development for that week with a growing drawing of the baby.

I would recommend this book to anyone expecting another child. Because of its interactive elements, it is the perfect way to help a child to understand pregnancy as well as what to expect when baby arrives too. I feel like this book is really helping Otis to bond with Littlest Pea and I can’t wait for Tuesdays so I can read the next weekly update with him!

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