Love Leggings

24th September 2019


25 weeks pregnant today!

Today we are having a lazy day at home in our comfies before a busy weekend in France! I am in love with my new leggings from @loveleggingsofficial 💙 they are beyond comfy, so comfy that Mr Pea has already offered to buy me more and I’ve also thought about getting a pair just to sleep in 🙊 they sit over my bump so well and never ride down (and the legs never ride up at the ankles either!)

What’s great about @loveleggingsofficial is that you can choose full length or cropped length leggings and in sooooooo many colours, it’s hard to choose! Plus they do normal leggings too, not just maternity so they are definitely worth checking out. I promise you’ll love them (#gifted)


I’m now convinced that Littlest Pea is a boy 💙

BUT Otis thinks we’re having a girl 💗

I asked him a few days ago “do you think the baby is a baby boy or a baby girl” and he said “baby girl”.

Yesterday I wanted  to challenge his response and asked the question again, then reshuffled the question and asked “is the baby a baby girl or a baby boy” and both times he still said girl 🤷🏻‍♀️

THEN I asked him “are you a boy or a girl” and he said “Titis Baby” and pointed to himself 🙈 yes my darling, you will always be my baby!

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