Memories of growing up

9th November 2019



As parents, we all say it: our little ones are growing up way too fast. Before we know it, they’ve learnt something new or have reached a new milestone and our babies turn into toddlers very quickly!

What I love about @memoriesofgrowingup.talltape is that their height charts encourage you to keep track of your little one’s growth. Not only are the designs absolutely beautiful, but the charts can also be rolled back up and stored away in their tube so that even when children are all grown up, you still have their chart to treasure, or you can even gift it to them!

We regularly have to measure Otis to update his model profile for his agency, so this is so useful for that purpose too! The height chart also comes with a Sharpie so you can get to using it straight away and keep a record of those moments before they are gone. They are very thick and durable, the quality is excellent.

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