Milk bath

12th January 2020



I’m soaking in the little moments of relaxation whilst I can get them, but I can’t shake induction from the back my mind. It may not be something I think about constantly, but it does appear in my thoughts now and then and it scares me.

I want as natural a labour as possible. I want to go to the freestanding, midwife-led birth Centre. I want to birth my baby without increasing the chances of needing intervention….

I do not want to go to the hospital. At all.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy with various things to try and encourage labour naturally:

✔️A clary sage bath (x2)

✔️A long walk

✔️A hot curry (x2)

✔️Sleeping with clary sage next to the bed

✔️ Constant bouncing on the birthing ball

✔️laughing along to a comedy film

Last night my clary sage bath contained milk too as a friend suggested the essential oil would soak in better when mixed with milk otherwise it would just sit on top of the water. So I thought what the hell, if I’m still pregnant I may as well take more pretty Bump photos whilst I can!

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