19th September 2019



I can’t quite believe I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Honestly, where is the time going? Being pregnant this time round has been so different because time is just moving too quickly.

As the weeks fly by, I get more and more worried about the “To Do” list I have that doesn’t seem to be shrinking. Top of that list is: pack my hospital bag! I’ve been putting off writing my packing list because I’ve just seen it to be such an overwhelming job and I couldn’t bring myself to think about it too much. And of course this time I have a toddler in tow which means less time to sit in peace and plan ahead! Then I discovered @_motherbe and they have truly saved me! Their service provides you with a pre-packed hospital bag full of the absolute essentials for both you and your new baby. These goodies arrive in a hard-shell suitcase and include the following:

For Baby:

*2 vests

*2 sleepsuits

*2 muslin cloths

*a hand towel

*a pack of nappies

*a pack of wet wipes

*a soft toy

*a hat

*a bib

For Mummy:

*a drawstring bag to hold a change of clothes *a box of maternity pads

*a box of breast pads


*a “baby on board” badge

*a toiletry bag containing:

*a bamboo toothbrush


*shampoo and conditioner

*shower gel


*facial wash


*a flannel

*a brush and hairband 

I know for a fact there are things here that I would have forgotten about by myself, or forgotten to grab on the way out of the door: like my hairbrush or toothbrush! @_motherbe really does take the stress out of getting baby ready and helps give you that extra support and attention where you really need it.

I would recommend this service and these products included to anyone: wether you’re having a hospital birth, birth centre birth or a home birth (like me!) Either way this hospital bag is essential to getting ready for labour! I feel so much more prepared already 😊

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