My midwife

18th January 2020



This is my midwife Kate and she is a true, modern-day superhero!

After quite a traumatic delivery with Otis, it’s safe to say I was very anxious about my labour and birth this time and worried about the things that could go wrong and my choices being taken away from me. Then God sent me Kate and I couldn’t have wished for a better midwife who would have been a stronger advocate for me and how I wanted my labour to go. Every step of my journey, Kate was with me and had my back. She helped me achieve my dream water birth of Eddison and then when things got complicated, she provided me with the emotional support and protection I needed and came with me to hospital and stayed too, making sure everyone was aware of my previous experience and putting personalised plans in motion to protect me from trauma this time. At a time when I felt the most vulnerable and scared in my life, I was able to find strength and calm through her.

Did you know that “midwife” means “with woman”? Well this photo shows exactly what it means to be a midwife – at one with the woman they care for. This is the moment I held my new son for the first time and she is right there with me, sharing the moment whilst also doing her job of checking on him. I can’t sing her praises enough and only wish that every woman in labour was given a Kate to protect them ❤️

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