19th November 2019



Otis absolutely loves swimming and is not afraid of water at all. We credit that to taking him to swimming lessons since he was very small which built his water confidence. We have both agreed after seeing how fearless he is and how much he enjoys it, that we will take the new baby from a young age too.

What Otis loves to do the most is push himself around on his hands and knees, rolling over and splashing and kicking about as he chases his toys. He doesn’t care if his head goes under and just carries on.

He was recently gifted this gorgeous swim nappy from @swimbubs which is perfect for his water shenanigans. They are comfortable for him to do his little water acrobatics in and they’re also very secure so they capture any toilet accidents without contaminating the water. I love the super cute print of these ones and the pink version is also just as adorable. @swimbubs have a huge range of swimwear to suit all ages and as one of our followers you can get a generous 15% off with our code OTIS15. We have vowed to take Otis swimming more since holiday. I really would recommend swimming for all toddlers as often as possible, the perfect activity for these cold and rainy days now!

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