Today we had our 3rd scan…

22nd August 2019


*Today we had our third scan*

“Dear Littlest Pea,

Today we got to see you on a screen for the third time. I was so nervous about our scan today. It was the big one and I knew they’d be checking everything to make sure you are growing well. We went through the tiny areas of your cute little body one by one: your brain, your face, your heart, your stomach, your kidneys, your spine. We looked away during the search for your bladder as we want your gender to be a surprise when you are born, but we turned back in time to see you stretch those little legs and see your adorable little feet. Hannah, the lady doing the ultrasound referred to you as “gorgeous little thing” and I know she’s right, you are perfect. I couldn’t help but giggle as you stretched your legs up high into my uterus wall above your tummy and moving your hands from your head to in front of your face. I even got to see you practice swallowing and Hannah said it must be thirsty work having your scan taken 😊

I cried happy tears knowing you are doing great and that we are already over halfway on our journey to meeting each other properly for the first time.

You really are going to be a new little sunshine in all of our lives ☀️

I love you so much,

From Mummy xx”


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