1st October 2019


Being a toddler is thirsty work!

Otis was very kindly gifted this fab new cup from @twistshakebaby to try out and we both think it’s great.

I like it because I think the colour is brilliant, but also it is dishwasher safe (yes!) and leakproof which means I don’t mind if Otis has it in his ball pit! I also think it’s fab that it is BPA free and the straw is protected by the hygienic lid. 💙

Otis loves it because it’s easy for him to open and close (without using his teeth like he does with some other cups!)

I think we may need to order some more because it’s one of the largest cups we have as it holds up to 360ml and nowadays Otis is drinking more and more and often emptying his cups before I can find somewhere to refill them. Plus they come in 7 lovely colours to choose from.

If you’d like to order one you can get a 20% discount with the code “otislittlepea”

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