Babyhive UK

30th January 2020


💙 2 Peas in a Pod 💙

These two are celebrating Eddison turning 2 weeks old by having some snuggles in bed! They look so cosy wrapped up in one of their gorgeous muslins from @babyhiveuk 💙 I’m not surprised, these muslins are definitely as cosy as they look! They are made of 100% bamboo which makes them really soft to touch, almost silky even. The bamboo fabric means they also help the boys to regulate their temperatures: keeping them warm on cold days, but also keeping them cool when we have left the heating on for too long. I’m a huge fan of the bamboo fabric because I also know that is it antibacterial so doesn’t harbour nasty bacteria like some muslins could.

I absolutely love the designs by @babyhiveuk because they are hand illustrated which makes them really unique and pretty! This one is a particular favourite of mine because what’s cuter than a bear riding a unicycle and a panda and bunny riding bikes??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂 this design also includes a cute elephant balancing on a ball. If you haven’t checked out @babyhiveuk then make sure you do today, you won’t be disappointed!

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