Helen Lacey Author

6th February 2020



It’s no secret that we really enjoyed working with @helenlacey_author to help spread the word about her amazing book “let’s talk to mummy’s tummy” so when she got in touch offering to send Otis her new book, I absolutely jumped at the chance! I was so impressed with her first book and so grateful for how it helped explain my pregnancy to Otis, I knew that the new book was going to be good!

This afternoon Otis and I read some of the new book together in the company of Eddison too. It’s called “let’s talk about your new baby brother or sister” and is a siblings’ guide to the next 24 months with their new baby brother / sister. I absolutely love it because it helps to explain things to Otis that I sometimes forget; such as why Eddison cries and why he’s so sleepy as well as promising him that as Eddison grows they will have lots of happy times together too. I cross-referenced the book with pages from the previous book which gave us ideas for activities we can do together to help the boys bond and also what memories they may make together in the future, for example swimming together, playing catch, playing on swings together etc.

The new book continues to talk about developmental milestones that Eddison will reach and suggests more activities that Otis can do with him as he grows.

Both books are beautifully illustrated with gentle and soft pictures that echo the tone of the information provided to toddlers. Otis really loves looking at the pictures and talking to me about them, pointing out that the breastfeeding baby was having milk and another baby was crying and one was sleeping etc. He saw pictures of older siblings holding the new babies and he wanted to hold Eddison too.

I really loved reading the start of this book with Otis and I know that it definitely will lay the foundation for a close and harmonious relationship between the boys. I’d 100% recommend it to anyone who is due or has recently had a second / third baby etc!

Thank you @helenlacey_author 💙

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