Babycare TENS


Here is a photo you haven’t seen before: me in labour with Otis! I hope you don’t mind this #throwback photo, but we didn’t take many photos during labour with Eddison until I got into the pool so of course I had to put my TENS machine aside then, but I really want to talk to you about it!

That thing around my neck is my @babycaretens machine & has been my saviour during both my labours.

During labour with Otis: I used my TENS machine since being 3/4cm dilated up until I went into the pool. I found it a great relief & a distraction during contractions. The best thing was that I could stay mobile. Not only was I able to use it in the car on the way to the birthing centre, but it also allowed me to keep mobile in the room & walk around the hospital too. It created a pleasant pulsing sensation between contractions that helped me release endorphins to combat the pain & then when I had a contraction I pressed the “boost” button which gave me an extra surge of power against the pain. I found that I didn’t need to increase the intensity too much as contractions got worse because it was so effective. Although the TENS machine can be used alongside gas & air and pethadine, it of course can’t be used in water & so I had to turn it off at one point. I missed it then because I knew it had helped me hugely & also made me feel like I had some control over my contractions & my ability to push through them.

During labour with Eddison: I was really proud that I managed to make it to 8cm dilated with just my TENS machine alone & I found it so affective that I didn’t need to increase the depth & intensity of the pulses more than 5 (on a 0-15 scale on the machine). By using the TENS machine, I could also go up & down the hospital stairs numerous times and do lunges & squats to help move baby down without being restricted to the room. At 8cm I swapped it for the gas & air as I went into the birthing pool.

I would really recommend the @babycaretens to any pregnant woman as it’s a great drug-free pain relief that really does work. And it’s not just good for labour! You can also use it to treat arthritis, neck/back pain, period pain, sciatica etc.

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