An open letter to my son on the night before his first day at pre-school.

To my little Prince

This evening I have packed your bag for your first day at pre-school tomorrow. I tried to enjoy it, but the truth is that I just don’t feel ready to let you go. I know how quickly pre-school will help you to develop and grow and I feel a little of a loss already for my baby as you start this new chapter. But I know you are ready yourself and it would be selfish of me to hold you back.

We’ve talked about it a lot today. You understand where you are going and you are now telling me that you’re going to “play with toys and friends”. You tell me that it will be “fun” and that you want to go. I’m so proud of you and it’s only fair that I share you with a bit more of the world.

As your mummy, I am worried about you though. So, so many worries going through my head tonight: will you be OK using the potty / toilet there, will you eat well, will kids play with you, will you play nicely with them, will you miss us, will you be happy, will you pick up any illnesses, will you want a nap, will you be comfortable in the clothes I’ve picked out, will the staff understand what you’re saying, will other children call you a girl because of your beautiful hair, will you make good friends, will you cry, will you feel lonely, will you have fun….

My worries might seem daft to others, but you are my baby and your happiness is such a priority to me. Out of all those worries I have, my biggest is that you will feel lonely. I really, really hope you make friends quickly and have lots of fun. I already can’t wait to pick you up for you to tell me all about it….. and I’ve not even taken you in yet!

If I could whisper in your ear throughout the day, I would remind you that you are so loved, you are so special and you make me so happy. Oh how I wish I could give you those reminders throughout the day.

You are a wonderful little boy and they are so lucky to have you.

With my love always,

Mummy x

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