Here comes the spaghetti!

My week beginning the 4th June 2018



I had the hiccups this afternoon and I found it hilarious. Mummy tried to give me a magic feed to get rid of them, but from her reaction I’m not sure her nipple appreciated my teethy giggle mid-feed.


My adults and I went to the circus this evening. I flirted with one of the ladies selling popcorn and thanks to my awesome handmade-in-a-rush costume my Mummy made, she even mistook me for the ringmaster! Then Mummy tried to ruin my vibe by putting these huge, bright green ear defenders on me. Uh….. no chance, woman!


My cat Precious is bloody hilarious. Today she gave me that look that says “watch this, mate. As soon as Mum looks at me I’m going to scratch at that carpet and she will be so excited she will jump off the sofa to come and see!” Her plan made me giggle. Every time I looked at her I couldn’t hold back the hysterics!


Mummy thought she had one up on me today. She stuck me in the playpen (aka baby prison) so that she could fold my clothes. I could see it in her eyes, she was expecting one of my best tantrum performances. We maintained eye contact. And that’s when I hit her with my secret weapon! I poked that button on my walker, smiled at her and showed her my best dance moves; hip action, fingers pointed to the ceiling, the works! By the amount she laughed I thought she may need to borrow one of my nappies if she wasn’t careful!


Today I went to my cousin’s messy play birthday party. Mum can be naive. She stuck me in the pasta tray. Ew. I didn’t move an inch. Then……THEN….. she put spaghetti on my hand!!! Well I showed her who’s in charge here by showing off my best over-arm throwing skills in her direction! She quickly removed me…..


My adults were out partying tonight so I got to stay with Nana and Dumps. This is where I have discovered one of the best secrets of all time…… feeding your toast to George the dog is far more entertaining and enjoyable than eating it yourself! Don’t worry George, I’ve got your back!


My adults and I had a party on the beach to celebrate Mummy turning 30. Well that’s what they thought. Really it was all about me. Sorry Mum, nobody is interested in you. There’s a new kid in town and his name is Otis!


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