Life is the adventure.

Life. It’s full of adventure and experiences. Some not so good, some amazing.

Mr Pea has asked me for months what I want for my 30th birthday. All I could say was flights to Australia to see my cousin get married next year. As I went back to work and struggled so much, I could feel the possibility slipping away. Then finally making the decision to leave my career, I thought it was probably impossible.

Fast forward to today. He hands me multiple gifts; books, dvds, perfume, a beautiful necklace and then tickets to see Jessie J(!!!). I felt lucky already. Then he hands me one final gift. I can tell it’s another book before I’ve opened it. I love books, but I’m thinking “I’ve got so many books to get through”. I wonder whose adventure I will be reading about. I wonder what places this book will take me to in my imagination.

But it’s not a normal book. It’s a travel guide to Australia. It takes me a few seconds to process. He tells me we are going!

I can not, even remotely, describe to you how emotional I feel about getting to see my cousin get married! I have learned something very valuable today. Yes life is full of adventures, but the biggest, best and most exciting adventure is life itself.

P.s. if anyone has any super tips for managing a long haul flight with an almost 2 year old, please let me know!

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