10th December 2019


📦 MODU 📦

We are very proudly working with @modu.dk to help them spread the word about their amazing products!

We received this amazing package yesterday and have had lots of fun playing with it this morning. @modu.dk create construction toy sets of various sizes and shapes that inspire imagination, creativity, open-ended and active play. The sets come with various building blocks, pegs, wheels, an instruction manual and a peg bag. The toy is long-lasting due to its versatile nature which means it will grow with Otis and encourage and support him in every stage of his development.

What I personally love about it is how interactive it is. Otis and I had hours of fun together with the “explorer” kit today and it really did allow us to bond. Together, we turned it into a rocker, a tilted and also a rider! Otis’ favourite was definitely the rocker and he kept saying “see-saw” as he rocked on it, also telling me how fast it was going. I can’t wait to turn the pieces into an obstacle course for him too and help him learn about balance and develop more gross motor skills. This kit comes with 21 pieces and is available in 3 colours. It allows us to make at least 6 different products!

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