Baby Bamba

12th December 2019



We are very proudly working with @baby.bamba to help spread the news of their incredible baby muslins. They have kindly sent us 2 of their gorgeous swaddle muslins and I just can’t wait to tell you all about them.

The first thing I noticed upon unpacking them is that they are softer than any muslins I’ve ever bought before. This is because they’re made of bamboo! I’ve loved learning about the natural properties of bamboo and just think it’s revolutionary. These muslins are not only beautiful and HUGE, but there are so many benefits to them; for baby and the planet.

For example:

💙 The high thread count means that they have a more luxurious feel (without the price tag!)

💗 Bamboo fabric cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays, which makes these muslins perfect for holidays and travelling.

💙 They are kind to allergy prone skin and don’t irritate sensitive skin.

💗 They absorb moisture away from the skin, keeping it soft and dry.

💙 They have the amazing ability to regulate baby’s temperature.

💗 The muslins are 100% biodegradable

💙 Bamboo yields the same volume as cottons from just 10% of the land area

💗 Bamboo thrives naturally without the need for pesticides or fertilisers.

The @baby.bamba team have very generously given us the code OTIS25 to share with you guys that will get you a lovely discount of 25% off their products! I’d thoroughly recommend these as a way of providing your little one with a bit of luxury without costing the world (literally)! I can’t wait to wrap Littlest Pea up in them.

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