Baby hive UK

20th January 2020



At a time in your life when everything is changing and you start questioning all the things you thought you already knew about being a parent, it can be easy to feel like you’re doing things wrong and are losing your way a bit. I’ve certainly felt like this in the last 24 hours – parenting a toddler is hard enough without adding a newborn to the mix. But then I look at my precious boys and I am so, so proud of both of them and I remind myself to stick to my own instincts. Otis is the sweetest natured little boy who has only shown love and care towards his new baby brother. I always have been so proud of the amazing little boy he’s become and now seeing him in his new role as “big brother”, I’m even more proud.

🐝 this beautiful bee Muslin was kindly gifted to us from @babyhiveuk and is the perfect reminder to just “bee happy” and throw my insecurities away! @babyhiveuk muslins are breathable and versatile with such beautiful hand-drawn illustrations on them. As they are 100% bamboo they are sooooo super soft and can be used in so many different ways such as baby wraps, blankets, cover-ups for mums, pram and sear covers and even as a comforter. Today Otis and Eddison has shared this muslin- Otis has used it as a comforter and Eddison has used it as a swaddle. I love how big it is – at 120cm x 120cm it’s just so handy to have to hand.

If you haven’t yet checked out @babyhiveuk I would definitely recommend them. You will be blown away by not only their gorgeous designs, but also the quality and softness of these swaddle muslins 😍

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