Our first family day out

24th January 2020



Yesterday to celebrate our smallest little Prince becoming a week old, the 4 of us (still crazy saying that) headed to Bristol Zoo for the day. Correction: afternoon. Because we didn’t actually make it out of the house until 1:20pm 🙈

It was really good to get out and have some fresh air for a few hours. We really did enjoy ourselves and it was so fun seeing how excited Otis was about exploring (more so than wanting to stop and watch all the animals).

In the penguin enclosure though I did have a bit of a moment. Otis was walking around the area, wanting to see things and play with the interactive bits. He wasn’t running off, just showing an interest in everything! At the same time Eddison wanted a feed. There were no seats so I’m walking behind trying to breastfeed my newborn and push the pram at the same time, trying to keep up with Otis. And it dawns on me that actually a day out like this with both boys, without my husband, is going to be so difficult if not impossible at the moment. And then the dreaded mum guilt hit as I though about how my days out with Otis have changed forever.

However I was brought back down to my happy reality and out of my mild panic as I remembered that before I know it, they will have each other to play with and explore with and that is the greatest gift I could give to Otis. Our family dynamic sure has changed and is a bit more manic, but that will make trips out like yesterday even more special 💙

My husband captured this photos of Otis wanting to hold and cuddle his baby brother as I was trying to get a photo of them next to each other. He really is the sweetest big brother, I’m so proud of him!

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