Expecting a new sibling

3rd January 2020



“Does Otis know that there’s going to be a new baby?”

I have been asked this question sooooo many times. And my honest answer is that I actually really don’t know.

He knows there’s a baby in my tummy. He gives the baby cuddles and kisses. He feels the baby move. He says “hi baby” and waves to my tummy. When I get dressed he points to my bare belly and says “baby! It’s cute!”.

Everyone always asks him “what’s in Mummy’s tummy?” and he will always tell them it’s a baby and when asked boy or girl, he will say “baby girl”.


Barely anybody else talks to him about when the baby comes out of mummy’s tummy or when the baby is here or even when the baby is in our house. The responsibility of making him understand there were be a physical baby here seems to have fallen completely on us. And that’s fine of course, we are trying our best to help prepare him by asking him where the baby will sleep and talking about bath time and play time with baby etc. But in all honesty, I’m not really sure he will fully get it until the baby is here. So we shall see!

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