3rd January 2020



Otis was very lucky to be sent his own starter set from @tonies_uk just before Christmas and we have had so much fun with it! Just this morning he has been dancing on his bed to the Lion King soundtrack!

@tonies_uk take you to a world full of audio adventures and it’s so easy to set up and use. Not only were we sent the Lion King audio book and songs (figurine pictured), but also the Snowman figurine which links to the audiobooks for The Snowman and The Snowdog as well as songs and Otis also received a penguin figurine which links to children’s favourite Christmas songs and carols.

We listened to the Christmas songs in the lead up to Christmas as well as on Christmas morning as we unwrapped our presents, it was so lovely and also so easy.

Once you connect your box to WiFi via the website it’s all set up then is ready for use. You just turn it on and put the figurine you’d like to listen to on top and it will play straight away. Otis loves it because he can control it himself.

The Toniebox comes in 6 colours: grey, purple, red, blue, green and pink and there is a huge variety of figurines you can buy that come with their own stories and songs. However, the box also comes with its own Tonie figurine which you can personalise and record to yourself so the possibilities are endless.

We absolutely love this item and would recommend it to anyone with children. Some of my favourite features are:

✔️It is battery operated so can be used on-the-go

✔️it is robust

✔️there is (really easy to use) volume control

✔️you can skip forward and backward just by tapping the sides

✔️you can plug headphones into it

✔️I can record my own voice and stories for Otis to listen to.

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