Feeling your kicks

13th October 2019


🦶🏼Thurs 10th Oct: Today Daddy felt you kick for the first time

🦶🏼Sat 12th Oct: Today Otis felt you kick for the first time

Dear Littlest Pea,

At 27 weeks pregnant, both your Daddy and your big brother felt you kick through my tummy for the first time. I have tried getting your daddy to feel for your kicks a few times, but it seemed that as soon as he put his hand on my belly, you calmed down and stopped kicking! Then on Thursday evening as we were watching The Apprentice, you were having a proper little wiggle and he managed to feel you move 4 times! It made Daddy want to talk to you more and I loved being able to share your special movements with him.

I thought it would be quite a while before Otis felt you kick and last night I wasn’t expecting him to react to your movements at all! We had just got home from London and it was about 11pm. He was cuddled up to me on the sofa after a long journey home and resting his head on my belly. I could feel you move on the other side, but then you kicked him right in the head (🙈) and he reacted by sitting bolt upright, babbling loudly and said “there!” as he pointed to my tummy and the area where you had just kicked. He looked me straight in the eyes for a few seconds waiting for me to explain to him what just happened so I asked him “did the baby just kick you?” and he said “yes!”

I love that I can now share these magical moments with both your daddy and your big brother and they become even more of a part of our journey together!

Love you,

Mummy x

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