The gilded bird

11th October 2019


☁️ Balloon Festival Vibes ☁️

Most of you already know that every year we go to the huge balloon fiesta in August. We always have the absolute best time and I think that’s one of the reasons I just fell in love with this changing mat design from @thegilded_bird. I just think it’s absolutely gorgeous and it even comes in a white version too. @thegilded_bird design the most beautiful changing mats I’ve ever seen, you certainly won’t find anything close on the high street.

The changing mat here is in the blue “balloon festival” design and has the wedge shape which is designed specifically for anti-roll. The mat itself is very soft and springy and the cover can even be unzipped and removed.

This corner in the nursery is now being renamed to “the happy corner” because I can’t help and smile when I look at it. I can’t wait to use this mat with Littlest Pea – who knew I’d be excited to change nappies?!

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