Love Mom UK

6th January 2020



When Otis was newborn he liked to be swaddled in his Moses basket, but it wasn’t long before he decided he didn’t like it anymore. Instead, his muslins became his comforters and he still has one every day for nap time and bed time (and to wipe his eyes if he’s been sad!). We call it his “shushie”.

Because of how important a comfort role muslins have played in Otis’ life I was so excited to receive this gorgeous baby fox print one from @lovemomuk for Littlest Pea 🦊 I can not wait to wrap baby up in it because not only is it huge and gorgeous, but it’s super soft too as it’s made from bamboo. I have been learning so much about the advantageous properties of bamboo recently and I think you really just can’t beat it! Here are some of my favourite advantages of the @lovemomuk bamboo swaddles:

🌱They are super soft

🌱The antibacterial properties means they don’t smell after a few days

🌱Bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays

🌱it is antistatic so is kind to allergy prone skin

🌱Due to its natural ability to thermal-control, it is good for use in all temperatures

🌱Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant and it’s cultivation is kind to the environment.

@lovemomuk products include their bamboo muslins in a variety of stunning prints, blankets and car seat covers. They are so beautiful and you can even get a very generous 25% off with our code LITTLEPEA25% ❤️

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