Name a star ⭐️

15th November 2019



We are very proud of our son, there’s no hiding that. Our whole lives now revolve around Otis, his personality and his milestones and we are obsessed with him. For this reason when the lovely people at @nameastar offered us the opportunity to name a star after him, I jumped at the chance! Otis is extremely lucky and has been gifted a name deed for an extra bright star in his name. We got to choose the constellation and so I chose Pisces as that is his star sign and I added his date of birth as that’s the day our very own shining star was born!

I was able to add a personalised message to his deed so I wrote a reminder to him that “no matter how far apart we may be at times, we will always be under the same sky”.

The Deed comes displayed in a beautiful walnut brown frame and in a very protective gift box. It also came with a sky atlas to show us all the constellations and where they are, which I have been fascinated by myself. In addition to this we were sent a close up of the pieces constellation and a map showing exactly where Otis’ star is in that constellation. Otis has also been sent lots of information and fact sheets about our universe that I’m sure he will enjoy learning from when he’s older.

What I think is really lovely is that the confirmation letter informs us that our service with @nameastar is an ongoing experience and we are able to track our star in real-time via their website by using our reference number. I think Otis will find this so exciting!

I would recommend this lovely, personalised gift to anyone, especially coming up to Christmas. It really is something very special to treasure and adds a little bit more excitement to life!

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