Our last Christmas without you

28th December 2019



I’m currently sat here removing the baubles from our tree and daydreaming about next Christmas already. I can’t believe that this Christmas, our last as a family of 3, Otis’ last as an only child, has actually come to an end.

This year my great Aunt gave us 3 very special tree decorations that she handmade (swipe to see). They are stamped with our names and pressed with my great Nan’s lace so her memory still very much lives on with us! I look at them and think of how much she would have adored Otis. All she told us every time we saw her was how much she was praying for us to finally be blessed with our baby. She’d be over the moon that we are now expecting baby number 2! And I also look at the decorations and wonder what baby’s name will be.

I’m just a week and a half from due date now and each day I’m starting to feel a little more ready than the day before. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for a Christmas with 2 little ones to think about, it is certainly manic enough with just one! 🙊 but what I do know is it will be double the magic, double the fun, double the excitement – for all of us!

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