Little keepsake company

18th December 2019



We are currently working with the lovely people at @keepsakeco to help spread the word of their gorgeous products. Stage 1 of our #collaboration was to get some prints from Otis. I decided to try a hand and a foot to see how they come out! It was so easy and quick to do; we just wiped the hand and foot with a special wipe included in the pack and then place the chosen body part on to the special paper for 3 seconds. Otis was absolutely mesmerised, he couldn’t get his head around the magic! He kept looking at his foot and couldn’t figure out why it was making a print when there was nothing on it 😂 luckily the kit comes with 2 pages of the special paper so there was room for error in his excitement of continuously stamping his hand down the first time 🙈 I was surprised how easy it was, even Precious the cat got involved and gave us a paw-print too! 🐾

Stage 2 of this process is to return our prints to @keepsakeco where they will be used to create a special piece of keepsake jewellery. I’m so excited to see how it turns out and can’t wait to share more of this process with you all!

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