7th October 2019



When I’m pregnant, I’m more conscious about the food I eat and the daily intake of vitamins I need to ensure my baby grows healthily. This is why I put my trust in @pregnacareofficial because their tablets include the exact recommended intake of folic acid and vitamin D. The multivitamin also includes moderate iron and vitamins B6 and B12 to contribute to normal red blood cell formation.

We were lucky to be chosen by @officialemmasdiary to test these out and review them as part of the parent squad. We were gifted the Pregnacare Plus pack to review which includes additional omega-3 capsules too, which contribute to the normal development of my baby’s eyes and brain.

I have been taking these multivitamins for 2 weeks now and they have certainly given me the reassurance that my body (and baby) are getting the vitamins they need. I have found the tablets easy to take and as I know that they need to be taken on a full stomach, they have encouraged me to think more about mealtimes and not just snack! The tablets come with days printed on the back so it’s easy to keep track of your intake and it’s easy to tell if you are yet to take the pills set for today. I will definitely continue to take these vitamins during the rest of my pregnancy and also try out the breastfeeding ones after baby is born too!

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