8th October 2019



Well it’s safe to say that Otis definitely enjoyed his fruit smoothie today! Swipe to see just how much he loved it.

Otis has been lucky enough to be #gifted some reusable pouches from @twistshakebaby as part of an ongoing collanoration. These Squeeze Bags are environmentally friends because they are reusable as they have a resealable cap. The opening at the bottom (where you fill it) has a double ziplock to ensure no leaks. They come in two sizes: 100ml and 220ml so also ideal for meals during weaning too and they are dishwasher and freezer safe!

I actually love these pouches more than I thought I would 🙊 mostly because Otis always loves to eat fruit from a pouch and with these in the cupboard they encourage me to not only make my own and cut down on waste, but also think about what different fruit combinations I can make for him. Plus they are so much easier to use and wash than I originally thought too. Today we tested them out at home, but these are going to be perfect for all our travels and day trips out!

I think every little one should have a reusable pouch in their stocking this year, I promise they would love it! Plus they come in so many beautiful designs.

If you’d like to order some you can get a 20% discount with the code “otislittlepea”

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