Vetra sports

27th January 2020



Otis is a huge fan of sport, football in particular is a massive passion of his. I feel it’s so important to expose little ones to a variety of different sports though so when @vetrasports got in touch about a collaboration I was very keen to try out their volleyball and sports bottle. I hadn’t thought about introducing Otis to volleyball before, but actually I think it’s great for toddlers to experience as it helps with hand-eye coordination.

This afternoon Otis and I spent some time in the garden with his new volleyball and bottle. It was fun teaching him how to throw the ball and try and hit it with his hands. The ball is so soft and lightweight and a nice change from the heavier footballs we have dotted around. I’m looking forward to practicing volleyball techniques with him more as the weather gets warmer!

The water bottle is a very welcome addition to Otis’ collection. We have noticed recently he is emptying his bottles a lot faster and they need refilling more regularly so the generous size of this one is great! It’s also really easy to clean with no fiddly bits that could harbour mould.

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