Lexie Drew

26th January 2020



Growing up I always said I’d never put my children in matching clothes etc. Roll forward a few years to now with my two boys and I can’t get enough of all the #twinning possibilities!

I absolutely love these matching bibs from @lexie.drew for many reasons. Firstly I love that the boys match, but in their own style. Otis looks adorable in his bow tie bib and I love the outlander style on Eddison too. Otis’ bib is a great size for catching all his mess from meal times and Eddison’s one fits well under his chin to catch his dribble and sick to protect his skin from getting sore as well as outfits getting ruined! Both bibs are handmade in the U.K. and are lined with bamboo fabric which not only makes them soft, but also means they are really absorbent too!

@lexie.drew have a lovely range of accessories from bibs to laundry bags in such a fab variety of fabrics too. I have my eye on the dolphin fabric next! Definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

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