Eddison is 1 month old

16th February 2020



To our Littlest Pea, Eddison

Today you are 1 month old. Already? How?! I just don’t know. I feel like I only gave birth to you last week, I’m so not ready for you to be 1 month old already. This has genuinely been the fastest month of my life and I feel confused trying to work out how it went so fast. I wasn’t prepared to lose the days so quick and every day I see changes in you. I’m so excited to see you grow up though and make memories with you, but I wish time wouldn’t steal these moments of you being so small away from us.

Not only has it been the fastest month of my life, but it’s been the most special too. You have brought so much happiness and excitement to us already and brought out a new side to Otis too, in his role as your big brother. We all adore you and love you so much!

Love from Mummy xx

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