Lucy Coggle


We all know our little ones leave footprints all over our hearts, but it’s easy to forget to keep a physical record of their growing footprints in the mayhem that can sometimes be family life!

This is why I love @lucycoggle and her footprint kits because she makes it easy! Her illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the kits are designed so little ones add their footprints as feet onto the animal of their (or your!) choice. Each kit comes with 2 prints of the animal as well as clear instructions and some baby safe ink. I think it’s great that it comes with 2 sheets because it not only allows room for error in case you make a mistake, but it also means you could frame one sheet on the wall and either gift the other to a family member or put it in a keepsake box. It was so much quicker and easier to do than I imagined and within 10 minutes I was left with the most beautiful keepsakes from both my boys. (Perfect Mother’s Day gift idea – send your partners to the @lucycoggle page!!)

I really want to point out that these kits aren’t just for babies! They come in a variety of sizes to adjust to your little one’s shoe size. I did this with Otis first and he absolutely loved it, he was so proud of it afterwards and excited to see the bunny have feet! He then helped me do Eddison’s prints by putting the ink on his foot as I held him.  I love that I can use these kits not only as a milestone keepsake for Eddison, but also as a keepsake for Otis too as a toddler and it’s a great way of getting him involved. I can’t wait to share our finished prints with you later!

@lucycoggle has so many beautiful animal designs to choose from. We chose a bunny for Otis for his Peter Rabbit nursery and of course Eddison had to have the duck!

What one would you choose? 🐻 🐼 🐧 🦉🐥

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