Photowall – wall mural


Are you even experiencing lockdown if you haven’t done some DIY??

We recently took advantage of the extra time at home to redecorate the dining room. We used this gorgeous rainbow mural kindly gifted to us by @photowall_sweden. They have thousands of incredible designs to choose from, in fact I spent a whole weekend trying to decide. I eventually went with this one because I just couldn’t get it out of my head, I’m so pleased with my choice! I’m just rainbow obsessed!


When you are ready to put your mural up, you unroll the paper and cut the different sections off at the marked lines. This means you are then left with all the sheets you need for the space you measured and they’re even numbered in order, so even as a first-timer you can’t go wrong!




We also used their wallpaper kit. It’s a bargain at £16 and includes every tool you could need to put wallpaper up: smoothing blade, mixing brush, wallpaper brush, Stanley knife, spirit level, seam roller, pencil… all the murals come with free wallpaper paste too!


@photowall_sweden murals are easy to put up, even myself and Andy managed it between us and we have never wallpapered anything. Ever! With this wallpaper you paste directly onto the wall and then stick your sheets up in order – they are numbered too so you can’t go wrong.


I am now so proud of my dining room, I want to show it off to everybody. It’s so much better than how it looked originally.





Photowall has some incredible statement pieces to choose from and all their designs are also available as a framed print or canvas too if you don’t fancy wallpapering.

You can get a generous discount over at Photowall with the code Littlepeas25

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