Tiny Love Kick & Play Gymini


Eddison has been testing out the new Tiny Love Kick & Play Gymini. He has had endless fun on this playmat and it really is a pleasure for me to write this review.

This @tinyloveglobal mat is a parent’s dream for helping to entertain and stimulate their babies whilst assisting with their development too.

The Kick & Play Gymini has so many amazing features such as:


✔️ interchangeable and removable toys

✔️ Interactive and musical hand and feet pads

✔️ teething tools

✔️ sensory aspects

✔️ A mirror to assist with extended tummy time

✔️ a cow bell

✔️ poppers that create a barrier to stop babies from rolling off the mat.

It really is very cleverly designed and if all that isn’t good enough, it’s machine washable too!


Eddison loves to use this mat for tummy time as well as to lay on his back and kick at the musical pad. He enjoys watching the toys dangling above him and interacts with them by cooing. He’s now starting to reach for and grab them which is a development that is fantastic to see. The toys are attached to rings that I can move up and down the arches, this is great for adjusting them according to how he’s changed position.  The mat is really padded and generous in size which makes it ideal for rolling on too (Eddison did his first roll on this mat!).


The musical pad is a wonderful feature as it is responsive to the hand and foot pressure when Eddison plays. It lights up too which I think is a great aspect as it’s yet another sense that this mat helps stimulate. The pad has two settings: music or play so if it’s not being used to interact with, it can still be used to play music during the play time anyway. The music is really soothing and not garish like with some baby toys.

I’d absolutely recommend the @tinyloveglobal Kick & Play Gymini to all new parents as it is the mat that has all the tools in one place.


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