10 Alternative Advent Calendars for 2022

Christmas traditions are always evolving and the tradition of advent calendars is no exception. We have already seen picture-based calendars be replaced with chocolate ones, but over recent years more and more brands have released their own version of advent calendars and I’m here for it! It now means there are plenty of options on the market that offer people something different to chocolate and instead people can choose to have advent calendars full of surprises that can be enjoyed beyond Christmas. These alternative options are becoming more and more popular, in particular with parents who wish to limit their child’s sugar intake or avoid sugar in the mornings. They are also seen as more sustainable options as the contents are intended to be kept for longer and don’t usually require plastic inserts like chocolate ones.

Here are my top 10 alternative advent calendar suggestions for 2022 that offer families something a bit more special than traditional chocolate:

1) Paperchase: Mr Men Little Miss 2022 Stationery Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is a fun collaboration between Mr Men Little Miss and Paperchase that has 24 stationery essentials hiding inside. It includes a variety of notebooks, paperclips, stickers, washi tapes, pens and even a key ring. Each item is characterful, bright and fun as per Mr Men Little Miss typical style. This would be perfect for primary school aged children to replenish their school supplies over December!

RRP: £35. Click Here *Sold out online, check in store.

2) Lindex: Squeezy Toys advent calendar

This advent calendar is perfect for children who like sensory toys or fidget toys. Behind the 24 doors are a variety of squishy animals and shapes in a range of colours. They are friendly in appearance and super satisfying to squeeze!

RRP: £14.99. Click here *Check in Lindex London store.

3) BRIO world 2022 Christmas Advent Calendar

Brio is a brand that any train-loving child will already be familiar with and this advent calendar is the perfect opportunity to add some festive pieces to a train collection! It includes track pieces as well as Christmas themed people, signs, trees and even a train with carriage decorated in a gingerbread style! The front of the advent calendar folds open to create a Christmas scene that children can add their new pieces to each December morning.

RRP: £34.99 (currently on sale at £24.39) Click here to shop on Amazon

4) Super Wings Christmas Advent Calendar

Super Wings is a popular children’s TV series that sees a variety of transforming characters save and rescue people. This advent calendar includes a variety of those much-loved characters in the form of planes and mini figures, as well as a few Christmas decorations too! Children will be super excited to open the new door each morning to see which character is joining the gang that day in the lead up to Christmas.

RRP: £29.99 Click here to shop on Amazon

5) Lindex: Jewellery charm advent calendar

This advent calendar may seem small, but it is packed full of pretty little jewellery items! There is a range of items inside; from a necklace to clip on earrings and lots of cute charms and pendants inbetween. Children will love to build their own charm bracelet and necklace by adding something new to it each morning.

RRP: £9.99 Click here *Check in Lindex London store.

6) Find Me A Gift: Harry Potter Advent Calendar Cube

This is an absolute must-have for all Harry Potter fans (big or small!) The fact that this advent calendar is a cube already makes it interesting and unique, but it is also packed full of Harry Potter characters and wands. By Christmas Day the owner of this advent calendar will have a full collection of wand and character keyrings and a couple of special pins too. If that’s not enough to tempt you, then on the 24th is a very special surprise ……. SPOILER: it’s a Harry Potter snow globe!

RRP: £39.99 Click here to buy

7) GraviTrax Advent Calendar

If your child loves marble runs and even already has a collection of GraviTrax pieces, then they need this advent calendar! It is packed full of 36 track pieces and accessories to help children build new routes and create crazy trick shots. GraviTrax is unlike typical marble runs in that it’s a brand that allows children experiment with gravity to power their ball through twists, loops and turns!

RRP: £31.45 Click here to shop on Amazon

8) Paperchase: The big stationery advent calendar

This gorgeous gingerbread house style advent calendar is full of stationery essentials and favourites and even includes a £5 voucher. Other items included are pens, paperclips, washi tapes, highlighters, pencils, sticky notes and more. The contents are worth £100 and although the advent calendar is usually just £45, it’s currently on sale for just £30!! Plus if you’re lucky enough to find a golden pen inside yours, you can win a £200 voucher too – how exciting!

RRP: £45 reduced to £30 Click here to shop

9) Baylis & Harding: Luxury 24 days of beauty advent calendar

This is the perfect advent calendar for you – Yes, YOU! I’m talking to all you mums out there reading my blog right now in search for the best advent calendar for your children – you deserve one too. This Baylis and Harding one is perfect for mums that deserve some pamper time with some gorgeous products. Inside it is full of bath and shower creme, bath bubbles, hand cream, body lotion, foot lotion, body wash, foot soak crystals and lots more, each infused with gentle blends of jojoba, rich vanilla and sweet almond oil.

RRP: £45 reduced to £24.99. Click here to shop on Amazon

10) Baylis & Harding: Signature For Him Advent Calendar

Oh go on then, let’s throw an advent calendar suggestion “for dad” into the mix because I suppose he deserves a treat too….. haha! This Baylis and Harding one includes a variety of toiletries that are not just suitable for use at home, but also a great size for dads who work away or have to travel a lot. Contents include aftershave balm, shower gel, face wash, hair and body wash, foot lotion, muscle soak, shampoo, conditioner and more! The items come in 2 fragrances: citrus, lime & mint and black pepper & ginseng!

RRP: £45 reduced to £22.50 Click here to shop

I hope this article has helped to give you some inspiration for buying your advent calendars this year. Please do let me know in the comments which one you think is your favourite!

3 thoughts on “10 Alternative Advent Calendars for 2022

  1. Oh I so didn’t know they did Jewellery ones! I need to get one of those for Freya and a Harry Potter one for Elsie. These are different to the ones I’ve previously bought! Thanks for sharing. Sorry if this comment comes through twice it made me log in 🤷🏼‍♀️


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