10 great gifts mums actually want for Mother’s Day this year

Now don’t get me wrong, flowers and chocolate are a lovely sentiment, but a real treat for mum this Mother’s Day would be something that isn’t perishable and instead she can use it time and time again. Here’s my list of top 10 gift suggestions for Mother’s Day that are both beautiful and practical as well as something she can keep long-term.

1) For the mum who loves to travel, ………

…….. this suitcase from River Island is a win! Wether it’s a long weekend away or frequent flying, this suitcase is perfect. It is strong, durable and beautiful too and it is available in this white design or black as well as beige. It has 4 multi-directional wheels making it easy to push or pull as it glides alongside you and as well as the extendable pull handle, it also has a grab handle at the top for easier lifting. The suitcase even has a handy front pocket too. 


2) For the mum who likes to get glam, ………

……… the Donna May London lay-flat makeup bag is a total game-changer to help her with her morning routine. By quickly and easily loosening the drawstring, the makeup bag opens up into a flat, full-circle exposing all makeup in one go. This means no more rummaging for the right item and the makeup bag acts as a protective surface for the dressing table too. These makeup bags are currently available in 14 different styles and sizes.


3) For the mum who likes to be organised, …….

…….. the Bombaby jewellery case is a particularly great gift idea as it is a gorgeous, but practical way to store jewellery and / or hair accessories, wether that is at home or whilst travelling. Bombaby is perfect for those with bold, vibrant and fun styles and this jewellery case is no different with its bright, tiger print and blue tassel zip pull. It also has bright pink striped lining and an internal elasticated pocket too. This jewellery case has been handmade in Jaipur and my favourite detail is the handle at the top, giving it a multi-purpose as a day bag or even a snack bag too! 


4) For the mum who loves crafting, ……..

…….. the Cricut Joy machine is an essential! Wether it’s for creating last-minute costumes for school or personalising end-of-school gifts for teachers, this little machine is a huge help, but also gives the crafty mum the right tool for getting stuck in to a new project too. This machine can cut a variety of materials within minutes, according to mum’s own designs. 


5) For the quirky mum, ……..

……… what’s more fun than a new biscuit-shaped handbag?! This Jammie Dodger style bag from Yoshi makes any outfit instantly more fun and is a perfect way for mum to show off her more playful side. This is a crossover style bag with an adjustable strap and a zipped inner pocket too. It is part of the biscuit collection which includes bourbon biscuit and custard cream style bags too, making Yoshi a great place to shop for a thoughtful gift to match mum’s personality. 


6) For the mum who is always on-the-go, …….

…….. this backpack from Fable England is a beautiful daily essential.  It has a delicate toile print that features elegant floral bouquets, trailing vines and is dotted with dragonflies, bees and butterflies in a classic palette of tonal blues. The backpack is large enough to double up as a changing bag for the day, making it practical too. It has a zipped front pocket as well as 2 inner pockets. It has a vintage charm to it with the faux buckle detail at the front. 


7) For the mum who enjoys long, summer days out, ………

……… a good quality picnic blanket big enough for the whole family is a perfect gift. This Tartan Blanket Co recycled wool picnic blanket is beautiful and luxurious and will definitely withstand the test of time and many family adventures because of its amazing quality and water resistant feature. It is a super soft and comfortable picnic blanket and you can add personalisation to Tartan Blanket Co picnic blankets through embroidery to make it extra special. 


8) For the mum who prefers a cosy night in, …….

……… you can’t go wrong with an Oodie! These soft, fluffy and wearable blankets are the ultimate necessity for mums who love to spend evenings at home with a box set or a movie. Oodies are available in lots of fun designs and they even have some matching mini ones too for the kids! I think the new Wonder Woman design is especially nice for Mother’s Day. 


9) For the mum who loves to accessorise, ……

…….. Fable England have a stunning range of hair accessories. They have scrunchies, oversized bows, headbands and clips in a variety of beautiful and delicate designs. Each hair accessory has a whimsical and vintage charm and adds the perfect touch of elegance to an outfit, wether worn for day or night. 


10) For the mum who loves to feel refreshed, ……

……. the Sodastream Art is a great gift idea. This new machine will allow mum to craft her own handmade sparkly water-based drinks from the convenience of being at home. It’s so quick and easy to do: simply fill the included bottle with tap water, pop it into the machine and then pull down the lever as many times as required for the preferred fizz (e.g. 3 times for standard fizz or 5 times for strong fizz). The bottle can then be taken along on days out or emptied into a glass to enjoy at home. 1 soda steam can save up to thousands of single use plastic bottles, making it a perfect gift for eco-conscious mums too. 


Personalised Christmas Gifts From CEWE

The most precious gifts at Christmas are always the thoughtful ones and with personalised photo gifts, you just can’t go wrong. CEWE have a beautiful range of products that can bepersonalised with your own photos, words and more. The products are of premium quality and are a lovely way to celebrate your treasured memories, making the ideal gift.

With such a lovely range of personalised photo products, CEWE has something for everyone this Christmas; whether that’s a jigsaw for grandad, a mug for grandma, playing cards for dad, a photo calendar for mum, a matching pairs game for the kids or a photo book for the whole family – CEWE is your one-stop-shop for your Christmas shopping this year. 

CEWE also has a gift finder software that can provide inspiration to help you chose the perfect gift. Simply select your recipient, the type of gift you’re after and your budget to find ideas that they’re sure to love.

Final order dates are today for guaranteed Christmas delivery – so you still have time to get the perfect gift!

Click here to check out the range.

10 Alternative Advent Calendars for 2022

Christmas traditions are always evolving and the tradition of advent calendars is no exception. We have already seen picture-based calendars be replaced with chocolate ones, but over recent years more and more brands have released their own version of advent calendars and I’m here for it! It now means there are plenty of options on the market that offer people something different to chocolate and instead people can choose to have advent calendars full of surprises that can be enjoyed beyond Christmas. These alternative options are becoming more and more popular, in particular with parents who wish to limit their child’s sugar intake or avoid sugar in the mornings. They are also seen as more sustainable options as the contents are intended to be kept for longer and don’t usually require plastic inserts like chocolate ones.

Here are my top 10 alternative advent calendar suggestions for 2022 that offer families something a bit more special than traditional chocolate:

1) Paperchase: Mr Men Little Miss 2022 Stationery Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is a fun collaboration between Mr Men Little Miss and Paperchase that has 24 stationery essentials hiding inside. It includes a variety of notebooks, paperclips, stickers, washi tapes, pens and even a key ring. Each item is characterful, bright and fun as per Mr Men Little Miss typical style. This would be perfect for primary school aged children to replenish their school supplies over December!

RRP: £35. Click Here *Sold out online, check in store.

2) Lindex: Squeezy Toys advent calendar

This advent calendar is perfect for children who like sensory toys or fidget toys. Behind the 24 doors are a variety of squishy animals and shapes in a range of colours. They are friendly in appearance and super satisfying to squeeze!

RRP: £14.99. Click here *Check in Lindex London store.

3) BRIO world 2022 Christmas Advent Calendar

Brio is a brand that any train-loving child will already be familiar with and this advent calendar is the perfect opportunity to add some festive pieces to a train collection! It includes track pieces as well as Christmas themed people, signs, trees and even a train with carriage decorated in a gingerbread style! The front of the advent calendar folds open to create a Christmas scene that children can add their new pieces to each December morning.

RRP: £34.99 (currently on sale at £24.39) Click here to shop on Amazon

4) Super Wings Christmas Advent Calendar

Super Wings is a popular children’s TV series that sees a variety of transforming characters save and rescue people. This advent calendar includes a variety of those much-loved characters in the form of planes and mini figures, as well as a few Christmas decorations too! Children will be super excited to open the new door each morning to see which character is joining the gang that day in the lead up to Christmas.

RRP: £29.99 Click here to shop on Amazon

5) Lindex: Jewellery charm advent calendar

This advent calendar may seem small, but it is packed full of pretty little jewellery items! There is a range of items inside; from a necklace to clip on earrings and lots of cute charms and pendants inbetween. Children will love to build their own charm bracelet and necklace by adding something new to it each morning.

RRP: £9.99 Click here *Check in Lindex London store.

6) Find Me A Gift: Harry Potter Advent Calendar Cube

This is an absolute must-have for all Harry Potter fans (big or small!) The fact that this advent calendar is a cube already makes it interesting and unique, but it is also packed full of Harry Potter characters and wands. By Christmas Day the owner of this advent calendar will have a full collection of wand and character keyrings and a couple of special pins too. If that’s not enough to tempt you, then on the 24th is a very special surprise ……. SPOILER: it’s a Harry Potter snow globe!

RRP: £39.99 Click here to buy

7) GraviTrax Advent Calendar

If your child loves marble runs and even already has a collection of GraviTrax pieces, then they need this advent calendar! It is packed full of 36 track pieces and accessories to help children build new routes and create crazy trick shots. GraviTrax is unlike typical marble runs in that it’s a brand that allows children experiment with gravity to power their ball through twists, loops and turns!

RRP: £31.45 Click here to shop on Amazon

8) Paperchase: The big stationery advent calendar

This gorgeous gingerbread house style advent calendar is full of stationery essentials and favourites and even includes a £5 voucher. Other items included are pens, paperclips, washi tapes, highlighters, pencils, sticky notes and more. The contents are worth £100 and although the advent calendar is usually just £45, it’s currently on sale for just £30!! Plus if you’re lucky enough to find a golden pen inside yours, you can win a £200 voucher too – how exciting!

RRP: £45 reduced to £30 Click here to shop

9) Baylis & Harding: Luxury 24 days of beauty advent calendar

This is the perfect advent calendar for you – Yes, YOU! I’m talking to all you mums out there reading my blog right now in search for the best advent calendar for your children – you deserve one too. This Baylis and Harding one is perfect for mums that deserve some pamper time with some gorgeous products. Inside it is full of bath and shower creme, bath bubbles, hand cream, body lotion, foot lotion, body wash, foot soak crystals and lots more, each infused with gentle blends of jojoba, rich vanilla and sweet almond oil.

RRP: £45 reduced to £24.99. Click here to shop on Amazon

10) Baylis & Harding: Signature For Him Advent Calendar

Oh go on then, let’s throw an advent calendar suggestion “for dad” into the mix because I suppose he deserves a treat too….. haha! This Baylis and Harding one includes a variety of toiletries that are not just suitable for use at home, but also a great size for dads who work away or have to travel a lot. Contents include aftershave balm, shower gel, face wash, hair and body wash, foot lotion, muscle soak, shampoo, conditioner and more! The items come in 2 fragrances: citrus, lime & mint and black pepper & ginseng!

RRP: £45 reduced to £22.50 Click here to shop

I hope this article has helped to give you some inspiration for buying your advent calendars this year. Please do let me know in the comments which one you think is your favourite!

Sweet as can BEE 🐝

Latelita rose gold bee bracelet

You may have noticed that recently bees feature a lot in jewellery. My favourite collection that I have seen is the one at www.latelita.com. Their range includes gold, silver and rose gold products in a variety of stud earring, pearls, drop earrings, necklaces, bracelets…. so many beautiful bees!

However as well as being a beautiful feature in jewellery, the bee is symbolic and has many representations when worn. Did you know this? Here are some details of the symbolism behind bee jewellery below:

  1. Loyalty – Bees are extremely loyal creatures who will even sacrifice their lives for their Queen and hive. This selflessness and protective nature of the bee is what makes them symbolic of being loyal. For this reason bee jewellery is a meaningful gift of loyalty for a partner.
  2. Determination – Bees are persistent creatures that work hard and never give up on their mission, no matter how many times they are shooed away. It is this characteristic of persistence, tenacity and determination that makes bee jewellery a lovely gift to a colleague who has been working hard, or a gift for a graduate who has completed a degree.
  3. Peace and Harmony – Bees are team players and work in harmony in their swarms to reach their goals. They don’t compete against each other with jealousy, but rather work together peacefully. For this reason bee jewellery is often representative of this peace and often fondly given as a gift of friendship.
  4. Ambition – According to all known laws of aviation, the bee does something impossible every day. It’s little wings should be too small to get it’s large body off the ground….. but it does it anyway! This notion of “doing the impossible” is what inspires a love for bees amongst many people and why they can represent ambition.

As above, jewellery featuring bees is not only a beautiful gift, but it’s a symbolic and meaningful gesture too. 

So, if you are a jewellery lover, a bee lover and also love what they symbolise, I thoroughly recommend heading over to www.latelita.com to check out their collection! Their products come beautifully gift wrapped too so would make a special present for a loved one to receive in the post. But my advice is treat yourself! You absolutely deserve it after the last few months and it will serve as a lovely reminder of your strength during lockdown and moving forward from this chapter in your life!

OYLE – aromatherapy jewellery


It’s been no secret that I’m starting to struggle with this lockdown situation now. Most days I have both boys at home by myself and I’m finding it exhausting, so much more so than if we had the freedom for days out. Then @oylelondon got in touch and have helped make me feel more human again!


Have you heard of aromatherapy jewellery before? I certainly hadn’t and I have to admit that the @oylelondon jewellery is an absolute game changer! Aromatherapy can improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I really believe in the powers of essential oils and the fantastic thing about Oyle London is that they design jewellery that is constructed specifically to diffuse a chosen essential oil aroma throughout the day – in style too because their clever jewellery is also beautiful.



I chose the “mood” essential oil blend because of its promise to “get you energised!” It is a refreshing blend of Lemon, Scotch Pine, Rosemary & Lime. It is an energising mix of citrus and uplifting pure essential oils which is perfect for the afternoon slump feeling and helping to make me feel refreshed. And it really does work! I don’t feel so exhausted in the evenings and feel like I’m able to cope better during these weird times. The fragrance is so lovely and really does uplift my emotions throughout the day as it’s released from my gorgeous necklace.


Oyle London jewellery is so easy to use. All you need to do is:

1) Open the locket.

2) Place 1-2 drops of your chosen oil onto the bead.

3) Put the bead in the locket, closing firmly.

And that’s it! The oils will diffuse through the vents of the locket throughout the day.


Oyle London have a fab range of essential oils and blends to choose from for different purposes.


Dusk essential oil blend: This relaxing, calming night blend has soothing properties of Lavandin, Valerian Root and Chamomile Roman. It is advised to use this one an hour before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Rosa essential oil blend: Rosa is a romantic blend that combines the sweet aroma of sweet oranges, with the qualities of ylang ylang  and Patchouli. The blend is finished of nicely by the sweet floral scent of fresh palma rosa.

Hush essential oil blend: This blend combines the uplifting properties of Bergamot, with the soothing woody aroma of Rosewood, grounding properties of Vetiver and comforting fragrance of Lavender to help you relax and unwind.

Rise essential oil blend: This blend is a mix of uplifting properties of Orange & Lemon oils, Mandarin, Pine and reviving properties of Spearmint get you set for a busy day.

The aromatherapy jewellery is available in lots of different styles and colours and they include bracelets too!


I would 100% recommend Oyle London as I really think everyone deserves to experience the benefits of this very clever piece of jewellery.

You can shop the collection here


Tiny Love Kick & Play Gymini


Eddison has been testing out the new Tiny Love Kick & Play Gymini. He has had endless fun on this playmat and it really is a pleasure for me to write this review.

This @tinyloveglobal mat is a parent’s dream for helping to entertain and stimulate their babies whilst assisting with their development too.

The Kick & Play Gymini has so many amazing features such as:


✔️ interchangeable and removable toys

✔️ Interactive and musical hand and feet pads

✔️ teething tools

✔️ sensory aspects

✔️ A mirror to assist with extended tummy time

✔️ a cow bell

✔️ poppers that create a barrier to stop babies from rolling off the mat.

It really is very cleverly designed and if all that isn’t good enough, it’s machine washable too!


Eddison loves to use this mat for tummy time as well as to lay on his back and kick at the musical pad. He enjoys watching the toys dangling above him and interacts with them by cooing. He’s now starting to reach for and grab them which is a development that is fantastic to see. The toys are attached to rings that I can move up and down the arches, this is great for adjusting them according to how he’s changed position.  The mat is really padded and generous in size which makes it ideal for rolling on too (Eddison did his first roll on this mat!).


The musical pad is a wonderful feature as it is responsive to the hand and foot pressure when Eddison plays. It lights up too which I think is a great aspect as it’s yet another sense that this mat helps stimulate. The pad has two settings: music or play so if it’s not being used to interact with, it can still be used to play music during the play time anyway. The music is really soothing and not garish like with some baby toys.

I’d absolutely recommend the @tinyloveglobal Kick & Play Gymini to all new parents as it is the mat that has all the tools in one place.


A bit of the royal family in your own home!


Do you have a little Prince or Princess at home? If you’re anything like me then you love to treat your little ones like the royalties they are in our hearts. As a mother I have fondly called my boys “my little Princes” and I always want to dress and wrap them in the little bit of luxury that they deserve. So, let me tell you a little bit about the beautiful brand G.H.Hurt & Son which specialises in luxury (and affordable!) baby shawls with a rich, royal and British heritage.


G.H.Hurt & Son has been producing shawls since 1912. Inspired by their rich heritage, G.H.Hurt & Son’s lacy knitted shawls are manufactured using a combination of traditional artisan techniques (that have been passed down through generations) and modern design innovation. Each of their shawls travels through a journey at their shawl factory in Chilwell, Nottingham, taking two days to produce and involving eight pairs of technically skilled hands. Today, G.H.Hurt & Son are the last remaining framework knitting factory in England to still produce lacy knitted shawls with traditional hand-finished scalloped edges. It is this beautiful edging that makes their products truly unique.


You can see here Eddison is wrapped in the most beautiful shawl with a dainty teddy design. It also features the alphabet across the top and bottom (as a teacher I adore this part of the design!) He has taken an immediate fondness to the shawl and likes to hold it against his cheek. Due to the cellular design of the shawls I know that he is safe as well as comfy and I love that the shawl works as a lovely lightweight blanket for the summer months. This teddy shawl is available in cream too. It is my vision that this one will become a heritage piece for Eddison’s own family one day and so I think the unisex style is just perfect for such a traditional heirloom. 


G.H.Hurt & Son baby shawls are knitted from the finest yarns and they are crafted to last a lifetime so they can be passed down for many generations. Our teddy shawl will hold a special memory to our family in years to come. This makes them a beautiful gift for any new born, as a christening gift or for an expectant mother as a baby shower gift too.

857BC67C-D480-48A1-8AAF-2EB2D2E9D177They come beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper and an embossed gift box which features their equally beautiful logo.

G.H.Hurt & Son are a favourite amongst our much loved royal family too. For the last 72 years they have been designing shawls for the arrival of the royal babies, since the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948. Most recently baby Archie Harrison was wrapped in a G.H.Hurt & Son shawl on the arrival of his birth. This makes the shawls extra special and I love the thought that my own Prince has something that is equally loved by the royal family too.


I would thoroughly recommend G.H.Hurt & Son as the shawl provider for families. You just can’t beat the quality, history and luxury of these British shawls and they really are on a level of their own.

You can shop the G.H.Hurt & Son baby collection here:


Eddison’s teddy shawl can be found here:





Today I road tested my new bag from @gastonluga and I love it! It’s really comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable straps and it’s a great size too: a nice alternative to the usual large and oversized versions of a backpack.

I really love the pink details of my bag and think they give it a girly edge. However this style comes in a variety of colour combinations to choose from!

The quality is amazing and it’s easy to keep clean as it’s wipeable. It even comes with its own dust bag to keep it protected when not in use.

@gastonluga proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style and class if you want a backpack style bag. Definitely head on over to look at their range of styles and colours: you’re bound to see something you like!

You can even get a 15% off discount with the code BABYPEA15 on all items on the website and they always offer free delivery and returns too.

💙 Mini Plum Baby 💙

3rd March 2020


Did you realise I was breastfeeding my baby in this photo? Wait….. did you even spot the camouflaged baby in this photo? 🙊

I am loving breastfeeding this time round. Despite his tongue tie, Eddison feeds like a dream which couldn’t be more different to the experience I had with Otis. I hated breastfeeding for the first 4 months with Otis; I had to syringe feed him for the first 5 days because he couldn’t latch, when he did latch, it was a shallow latch and it was such hard work and very painful at times too. I am so proud that we managed it for 26 months in the end!

So I was prepared for the same struggles with Eddison…… but low and behold he’s a complete natural. To the extent that he has never dropped his birth weight. In fact when we went to his first weight check 4 days after his birth, he had *put on* 50 grams 😱 the midwives were shocked, as was I! So for that reason they decided not to interfere with his tongue tie. But after speaking to more professionals I’ve learned that his tongue tie may be a reason why he’s so sick – because he can’t fully control the flow of milk coming in and takes down too much. I’ve also learned that when my milk settles properly at about 3 months old, Eddison will have to work harder for it which is when we may have a problem, but they are reluctant to snip a tongue tie after 12 weeks. So now I’m trying to figure out if I should get it snipped now or not…. 🤔 hopefully the health visitor can help advise me about it tomorrow.

I love to twin with my boys, but although there is a lot of matching clothes out there for mothers & daughters, there’s barely anything for mothers & sons. This is definitely the first thing I have ever come across that I can twin with Eddison whilst nursing him too! So when @miniplumbaby got in touch offering to send this set for us to try out I was over the moon! It includes a nursing nightie and dressing gown for me, a sleepsuit, mittens and hat for Eddison and even a matching pillowcase. It also comes in a pink option! I absolutely love it because it’s comfy, easy to nurse in and cosy for Eddison.



We have recently tried out one of the @bitsyboxes (powered by @bumpboxes) and I think the service they provide is fantastic! The Bitsy Boxes are a subscription service where you sign up for 6, 9 or 12 months to receive a box to your door every month with products individually chosen for the age of your little one. They’re also not just for babies either, they can be designed for toddlers up to the age of 3!

The best feature of this service is that it’s all a surprise. So you don’t know what’s in there until you open it up which is super exciting.

I really enjoyed discovering the products hidden in our box and was pleased to see a good variety in there. Our box for Eddison included:

* baby calming lavender oil l

* a @hanes flexy baby vest

* a Chikki Chicken taggy rattle from @taggies_baby

* a soft tag-along book from @cottagedoorpress for helping teach emotions and facial expressions

* a @lulujobaby nursery banner that reads “I wish I may, I wish I might”

All products are really adorable and I’m super pleased with this box, I know we will get good use out of everything!

@bitsyboxes isn’t just a subscription service either, you can also order a variety of one-off gift boxes to be sent to people including new baby, new mum, new dad and breastfeeding boxes – the perfect baby shower gift or gift to welcome a new baby into the world. It’s fantastic value for money and if you haven’t already, you should definitely check them out!