Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Are you shopping for a gift for your Mum for Mother’s Day this weekend? or perhaps your Grandmother? or maybe you’re even clueless about what you would like to receive as a Mother’s Day gift and would like some ideas? Either way, there is bound to be something in our gift guide to catch your eye for this year!

We know that all mums are different and so our Mother’s Day Gift Guide has been separated in to pages for specific interests and personalities:

  • For Mum, The Baker
  • For The Adventurous Mum
  • For The Nature-Loving Mum
  • For The Crafty Mum
  • For The Mum Who Deserves A Treat

Whatever page you need, the gift suggestions have been carefully selected to ensure you give a thoughtful, meaningful and much appreciated gift this year.

Covid 19: Social Distancing

We are social distancing at the moment. That means: no friends, no play dates, no playgroups, no church, no parties, no football lessons, no moo music, no nursery, no visitors. But I am absolutely *determined* that Otis doesn’t recognise this change. I want him to enjoy every day so much that he doesn’t notice the turmoil the world is in currently. I want his smile to be so big that it banishes even my own anxieties away from my thoughts.

I want him to be as happy as he was on Tuesday. These are the photos from our little family day out on his birthday on Tuesday. I say “little” because we were only out for an hour and a half, but as you can see that was plenty of time for lots of smiles, laughter and happy memory making!

Our kids are watching us. They will remember this time. They are learning how we cope with stress and uncertainty. I want to teach my boys that we respond to it without panic. That we make the most of the opportunities we have to just be with each other: no schedules, no time restraints and no distractions.

Instead we have the chance to embrace fresh air and have a new gratitude for freedom.

We have a chance to look up at the sun, watch the trees move in the wind, listen to the rain on windows and be grateful we are living for today.

We have the chance to be grateful for living and not just existing.

We have a chance to acknowledge what we took for granted and really love the world we have built.

The flowers are my friends

My week beginning the 11th June 2018


Today is Mummy’s 30th Birthday. To celebrate Daddy took us down to the Harbourside for dinner and a walk together. I thought I’d use every opportunity I could to remind Mummy of how old she is by getting her to chase me about. She soon felt those 30 year old muscles ache!


Mummy and I went to one of our favourite places today, Old Down Country Park. On the way in I met Fred the parrot in the cafe. I devised a plan with him Continue reading “The flowers are my friends”