The flowers are my friends

My week beginning the 11th June 2018


Today is Mummy’s 30th Birthday. To celebrate Daddy took us down to the Harbourside for dinner and a walk together. I thought I’d use every opportunity I could to remind Mummy of how old she is by getting her to chase me about. She soon felt those 30 year old muscles ache!


Mummy and I went to one of our favourite places today, Old Down Country Park. On the way in I met Fred the parrot in the cafe. I devised a plan with him that if Mummy tried to make me sleep he would help me stay awake. Later on that sneaky mother of mine walked me around the flowers and archways about 20 times until I couldn’t resist the peacefulness of sleep any longer. She pushed me into the cafe hoping to order herself some dinner. Yes, dinner. Without me. And she probably would have managed to order it and got to eat it hot if it wasn’t for my friend Fred! Right on cue he was squawking and rattling his cage and I instantly woke up! Cheers Fred, your amazing performance earned me another 20 fun laps around the garden.


I was so worn out after nursery today that when I got home, I just wanted to sleep. ALL evening. Mummy had other ideas though. She wanted to play because she had missed me whilst she was at work all day. Every time I moved she would come and check if I was awake yet or not. Honestly, these adults are crazy! One minute they want you to sleep well and the next they are missing you too much when you sleep. I can’t bloody win!


Turns out my extreme desire for sleep last night is because I’m poorly. So much so that Mummy left work to collect me from nursery early today. I’ve been sleepy and clingy and sad. She keeps asking me “what’s wrong, baby?” Seriously, Mum. Even if I knew what was wrong, you know I can’t tell you yet! Just cuddle me and keep topping me up with milk, and I’ll give you snuggles as payment.


Today is Daddy’s birthday and my adults had a full day of fun planned for us. They soon realised when I crashed out in the middle of soft play that I still am not feeling right. We went home and wrote the rest of the day off. Apparently tomorrow is Daddy’s birthday instead now!


Today is Daddy’s birthday (again). He’s been nagging Mummy to go to Tyntesfield national trust park for years so she finally caved. I think that secretly she is glad she did because we really enjoyed our time together. I made friends with some flowers. First I waved at them, then I tickled them. Then I picked them and then I tried to eat them! Apparently that’s not how friendships are meant to work…..


Father’s Day! Woohoo! Today I showed my Daddy just how much I love him by letting him wear matching swimming trunks to mine. This is a privilege that I hope he appreciates. It’s not often I let someone share my limelight. I think he was grateful because when we went home he wouldn’t stop wearing the crown that I made for him at nursery. He thought he was being sweet, I thought he looked like a twat.

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